PTNA - Public Transport Network Analysis

Static Analysis for OpenStreetMap

Public Transport ... what?

In the OSM Wiki, there is a description of local public transport networks for many cities. These often contain a tabular list of the various train, subway, tram and bus lines.
Examples: Bus Routes in London, UK, France, RATP, Portland, OR - Transit Routes, Munich, Germany (MVV) (deleted in the meantime though).

It has, however, at least for Munich, shown that the tables are never really up to date.

For the Munich OSM pub meeting that was motivation to take a look at the topic.

PTNA - Public Transport Network Analysis is designed to help solve this problem by automatically creating these tables, performing a target-to-actual analysis.

In addition to the pure listing of the lines, an error analysis of the route and route master relations is also carried out.

Currently, PTNA is analyzing OSM data from over 100 transport networks. Adding more transport networks is pretty easy and more or less fast.

What is still in its infancy is the documentation, in German first, English is on it's way. I ask for patience.