PTNA - Public Transport Network Analysis

Static Analysis for OpenStreetMap


In general, comments can be sent to me. I usually answer quite quickly.
For questions and remarks regarding a specific 'network' please read the following sections.

I have general questions and remarks ...

Are there other tools on OSM which support Quality Assurance for Public Transport?

Sure there are a lot of QA tools for OSM taking care of Public Transport. Some of them analyse a single route relation, others provide data for a region (OSM Inspector). I recommend the "pt_assistant" plugin of JOSM, errors can be avoided while creating or modifying a route relation.

Where can I find a description of the errors and notes?

An exhaustive list of error and note messages and how to fix the problems is in preparation and will be provided in the documentation: 'Messages'.

I have questions and remarks regarding a specific 'network' (transport association)

For each specific transport association, there is usually a PTNA related page in the OSM-Wiki for discussions, questions and remarks. You can find the corresponding link in the column "Configuration" of the table on the result (example Luxembourg) page of your country. There you can find also more information about the area of interest and the options/checks used for the analysis.
Example: Configuration page for the RGTR transport association Luxembourg in PTNA.
Example: Discussion page for the RGTR transport association Luxembourg in the OSM-Wiki.

How can I add an analysis for a specific 'network' (transport association)?

This can be done quite easily and quickly. For sure, I will assist but I need some information from you.

  • What is the name of the transport association in long and in short form?
    Examples: "Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund" and "MVV" or "Transport for London" and "TfL".

  • Which area is of interest?
    What is the geographic region where the tool will search for the routes?
    Example: The "MVV" provides services in several counties around Munich, Germany.

  • A list of the PT lines operated by the transport association
    Which services are provided by the transport association? The bus, train, subway, ... services expected being mapped in OSM.
    Example: Provided services for buses by the RGTR transport association in Luxembourg.
    Important: Consider the Copyright © and origin of the data!
    Note: The list will be published in the OSM-Wiki under the OSM license.

  • Where do you want to store the list of PT lines in the OSM wiki?
    Example: Discussion page in the OSM-Wiki for the RGTR transport association in Luxembourg: Talk:WikiProject_Luxembourg/Public_Transport/Analysis/RGTR.
    Example: Description of provided services: WikiProject_Luxembourg/Public_Transport/Analysis/LU-RGTR-Routes.

The information will be stored in the OSM-Wiki. This has the advantage that every OSM user can modify and update the data - which is required at least once a year, with the annual change of the timetables of the transport association.

The easiest and quickest way is to provide me the data in two pages in the OSM-Wiki. You may copy&paste from the links below and choose an appropriate location in the OSM-Wiki to store your copies.
Discussion page:
List of lines: