PTNA - Public Transport Network Analysis

Static Analysis for OpenStreetMap

Overpass-API Query

The Overpass API is used to download the OSM data. The query used returns all ways and nodes of the routes (their members with their details) from a defined search area. The data thus obtained allow an analysis of the public transport lines to the effect that e.g. the route can also be checked for completeness. Nodes, ways and relations (stops and platforms) and their tags can be checked against their 'role' in the relation.[timeout:1800];(rel(poly:'66.6569762 -23.0736582 36.7092056 -8.9953345 35.9404351 -5.6214121 35.6139346 14.4332346 34.7008006 24.1315366 34.4389993 32.7441537 35.8614952 34.7724255 36.5499339 28.2827078 38.4530304 26.3152919 40.3714182 26.0499145 41.3793698 29.5730723 46.9807515 38.3381215 68.5976645 41.3125962 71.2893993 28.3897039')[route~'(bus|train|coach)'][~'network|operator'~'(Fernb|fernb|Flix|flix)'];rel(br);rel[type='route'](r);)->.routes;(.routes;<<;rel(r.routes);way(r);node(w);way(r.routes);node(w);node(r.routes););out;

This query currently delivers approximately 395.3 MB.

Show the search area "Europe" on the OSM map.

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