PTNA - Public Transport Network Analysis

Static Analysis for OpenStreetMap

Public Transport Network Analysis

PTNA provides a daily analysis of public transport lines mapped in OSM. Such lines are described in OSM by relations of type 'route' and 'route_master' and the categories 'train', 'subway', 'bus', ...
The analyzes are carried out for selected areas and networks. Adding more areas and networks is fairly easy and quick. Please refer to the FAQ.

PTNA also provides an analysis of GTFS data. GTFS stands for "General Transit Feed Specification, ...a common format for public transportation schedules and associated geographic information ..." [GTFS].
The analyzes are carried out for selected GTFS sources. Adding more GTFS sources is fairly easy and quick but requires licenses which are compatible with OSM. Please contact me if you would like to see another GTFS source.

Noémie Lehuby, from Jungle Bus, has published a long blog post explaining the GTFS format, the steps to follow and the tools that can be used to map public transport routes and stops in OpenStreetMap from a GTFS open dataset.
Have a look at the weeklyOSM 530 and her blog (en français), in English and in Deutsch.

Branko Kokanovic wrote a new console app that takes GTFS as an input and tells you the exact changes you’ll need to do in OSM to make it as close to the GTFS feed as possible. [weeklyOSM 550]

Please help translate PTNA. Translations are currently incomplete for French (fr), Italian (it), Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), Serbian (sr), Spanish (es) and Croatian (hr). Other languages are also incomplete but not yet used in PTNA.
Translations are hosted on TransiFex.